Symbols of the Illuminati

The Illuminati society takes their symbols and meanings quite seriously. They use these symbols as warnings to other Illuminati members, as brainwashing tools and as a way to unite their secret society. The most famous of these symbols is the all seeing eye.

The all seeing eye can be found on the back of any American one dollar bill. The all seeing eye is actually known as the “udjat” in Illuminati culture and it is often accompanied by a triangle. The eye is supposed to be the eyes of Lucifer watching over everything that is happening in the world.



Another symbol that is used by the the Illuminati is the swastika or sunwheel. This symbol was made well-known by Hitler, who was apart of the Illuminati some suggest. The symbol represents supremacy and power which are both valued by the Illuminati society.

The most common hand sign for the Illuminati is the 666 hand sign. This consists of the middle, ring and pinky fingers sticking up while the pointer and thumb are used as an eye hole. The meaning of this hand sign is labeled “mark of the beast” or in other words stating participation in the Illuminati movement. Shown above is Lady Gaga performing this hand sign. She is believed to play a large role in the Illuminati music industry.



One of the creepier symbols of the Illuminati is that of the goat head. The goat head represents the worship of the anti-Christ. Many Illuminati believers think that preparing for the anti-Christ is the ultimate goal for the Illuminati council. When the goat head appears, it is a symbol for the worship of the anti-Christ and is an influential satanic symbol.

Although much of these symbols appear frightening and quite out of the norm, there are still many who believe the Illuminati is a big hoax for scaring people. Believers of the Illuminati often times exaggerate details about the appearance of symbols and the meanings. The Illuminati theory is interesting but is it plausible?


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